O-Sensual Rapture Twin

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Описание товара
Product DescriptionTop quality exquisite vibrator from LoveToy O-Sensual Range. Comes in a collection of bold, stylish hues, are water repellent and body safe. They are excellent discreet toys with customized vibration patterns which works so great for women and couples. Our innovative design wont let you down and oops. Get blown away!How to useHold power button 2 secs to turn on or off. Press power button each time to change the frequency.Hold the ”+” to increase the strength of the vibration. Hold the ”-” to decrease it.Use the two “ears” for precision play against the clitoris, or to get thrilling sensations by stimulating nipples, or any wherever you choose to place them.How to chargeIt includes a USB cable for charging. Battery info: Built-in lithium 3.7V batteriesAn LED light signals blinks during charging period.Constant light once full charged. Youre ready for up to 2 hours of incredible vibration.Key FeaturesRechargeable&versatileluxury vibrator for clit stimulationclitoral stimulators with 2 motors in the tips to thrill youSuper powerful & quite silentSeamless silicone.body safe100% waterproof14 modes of vibration
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Дополнительная информация
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Вы пишете отзыв на товар: O-Sensual Rapture Twin
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